Undergraduate Examiner

I have been an Undergraduate Mathematics examiner every year  from 1987 - 2011.  

During this period I have also been Chair of Examiners. 

Some of the recent work is recorded here.

Chair of  the  Examination Boards at

Oxford University, Mathematical Institute


External Examiners

3rd Year Undergraduate  Maths & Philosophy (Part B)   2006/07


Preliminary Examinations    2007

Professor James Ladyman (Bristol)

Professor  Sarah Rees  (Newcastle)

1st Year Undergraduate  Mathematics   2007/08

(Honour  Moderations)

4th Year  Undergraduate  Maths & Philosophy  (Part C)

Preliminary Examinations    2008



 Dr Roman Frigg (LSE)

 Professor  Simon Salamon  (Turin)


1st Year Undergraduate  Mathematics   2008/09

(Honour  Moderations)

2nd Year Undergraduate Mathematics  (Part A)   2008/09


4th Year  Undergraduate  Mathematics  (Part C)  2008/09

Preliminary Examinations    2009



Professor Tom KÖrner (Cambridge)


Professor Chris Budd (Bath)

Professor   Peter Gibblin (Liverpool)